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MDC leadership lacks clear vision

AS a staunch supporter and follower of opposition politics in Zimbabwe, allow me to express my views as far as the opposition parties are concerned.

The subject o

f most interest is the gradual fall from grace of the MDC. The party, which most people believed to be their saviour from the claws of Zanu PF, is now a pale shadow of its former self.

I believe that the MDC is setting itself a time-bomb that will soon explode in its face.

The party lacks vision and direction compounded by the desire of a few individuals who think that they are invincible and larger than the party.

How can they now act like Zanu PF, a party that does not accept any criticism from its own members?

Where then is the democracy when individuals are not allowed to express themselves?

This makes me wonder if these so-called preachers of democracy know the real meaning of the word.

Does the MDC think that removing President Mugabe from power is democracy?

Democracy is not all about gaining power and ruling for the next five years until the next election. Democracy comes with freedom of expression, association and so on.

It’s not a process that happens overnight. It is a process that is maintained and sustained forever.

I have lived in a democratic society for the past five years and I now know what democracy is. It means that one is free to do what he wants as long as he does not impinge on someone else’s right. Even criticising the style of government or the style of leadership should not come with repercussions.

Why then is the MDC so eager to get rid of St Mary’s legislator Job Sikhala, one of the founder members of the party?

Is there any democracy in doing that? Should Sikhala be punished because he has of late been a critic of party president Morgan Tsvangirai?

As far as I am concerned, Sikhala did not criticise Tsvangirai’s personal life. He did not simply agree with some of the decisions that he made.

Surely, if it was me I would also have questioned some of his leadership qualities. For instance, the decision to suspend participation in elections without the consent of the people and his utterances that the MDC was going to take South African president Thabo Mbeki and his government to court so they could disclose the findings of their election monitoring team.

This clearly shows how desperate he wants to get into power so that he can follow in the footsteps of Zanu PF by not involving the people in matters that concern them.

My message to the MDC: the people of Zimbabwe are not zombies or puppets that wait to be told what to do!

The MDC should know that the people of Zimbabwe are politically-conscious and cannot be toyed around with willy-nilly.

The MDC was formed by the people and it is the people who should decide

its future.

I don’t think the MDC would have been launched had it not commanded the massive support of the people.

It is also the people who should decide candidates to represent them.

Why impose candidates on people? Let the people of Chitungwiza decide who they want, not some 20 people who have the influence of the so-called party big wigs.

What the MDC lacks today is the vision that people like former Zanu PF legislator Margaret Dongo possesses. The vision with the people at heart.

For a party to have vision, the leaders should also have vision, the kind of vision that will make them survive any surprises.

At the moment it appears the MDC leadership has no vision. They think they are bigger than the party and untouchable.

W Belts,


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