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Let’s not mix issues

I HAVE been reading some articles that you publish in your paper and it is so dismaying to note that you give the impression that problems obtaining in the country have to do with what is happening within the MDC.

More time and energy is being wasted on talking about the

MDC factions.

Zimbabwean politics have been characterised by tribalism and nepotism and power-hungry people eager to take advantage of the situation.

A lot of politicians have emerged from nowhere to make empty promises to the masses.

These people do not have the people at heart, but are just vultures ready to pounce on every slight opportunity that comes their way.

Who knows if the Mutambara faction does not have its fair share of vultures?

Why are they still fighting to retain the original MDC symbols?

Why are they still fighting in court to be recognised as the main party yet in actual fact the decision lies with the people?

Let’s not mix personal gains with national issues.


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