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Jonathan Moyo deserves what he is getting

WHILST some people are bitter with the way former Information minister Jonathan Moyo was dismissed from Zanu PF, I beg to differ.

The people of Tsholotsho feel Mo

yo, who they viewed as their Messiah, was booted out at the instigation of leaders who have failed that area for quite some time.

Moyo was a critic of President Mugabe’s regime and I wonder what lured him to join the party that he used to lambast. One is tempted to believe that he was a political opportunist.

When he was hired to spearhead the “Yes vote” in the 2000 referendum, his hands were clean.Unfortunately for him, the “No vote” carried the day. This marked the demise of his political career.

After being elevated to the politburo, Moyo went on to craft probably the most draconian media laws. The consequence was destruction of freedom and molestation of tenets of democracy. Most of the Zanu PF MPs rejoiced over their extended stay in power — thanks to Moyo.

What Moyo failed to understand is that his actions were bound to backfire.

Exercising his right to gather in Tsholotsho prompted his exit from the party he claims to have saved from collapse. Moyo’s short marriage with Zanu PF had devastating effects on the lives of many people. He has learnt a lesson hence his statement that President Mugabe is surrounded by deadwood although to some of us he is not saying anything new.

Standing as an independent is not a solution. Zanu PF remains the same and in view of all this, Moyo deserves the treatment that he is getting.

Alec Chikati,


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