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Is this not treason?

I TOTALLY agree with sentiments expressed in the letter “Governor Gono brings ZABG circus to town”, (Zimbabwe Independent, January 14) penned by one “Patriotic Professional”.

vetica, sans-serif”>The scam about to be foisted upon us by the powers-that-be at the RBZ stinks of corruption and cronyism.

The former directors of Trust Bank for example, who started the banking sector rot in earnest, are allowed to get away with converting billions of dollars of depositors’ and taxpayers’ money.

Now, to add insult to injury, they have set up shop in Johannesburg to fleece yet more victims. Back home, the ex-marketing director is put on the ZABG board to perform more smoke-and-mirror tricks. A circus indeed, yet none dare call it treason.

Patriotic victim,


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