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Is this democracy?

THE new policy by the ruling Zanu PF to have “constituencies reserved for women” must make them feel really inferior. It seems they can’t win a primary on merit!

tica, sans-serif”>It seems they can make it only through some form of patronage and not merit. I feel really sad for them but perhaps that is the way it has to work in Africa since women are looked down on by their male counterparts.

This whole exercise seems to be patently designed to catch the female vote and sadly, it appears they will fall for it.

Their only strength, it seems, is their vote as it has always been since the first election.

In the same way, people were misled about “land for the people” until the “vote of no confidence” in 2000 provoked the violent land acquisition programme. So the gender issue has been festering for years and if they are not accommodated now, the ruling party would not win the election.

I think of the time that Margaret Thatcher was made prime minister of Great Britain.

It was done purely on merit and during the next few terms she showed her mettle in ruling very effectively with the support of her male colleagues who looked up to her so much that she will go down in history as the Iron Lady.

All credit must go to her, seeing as this was not an act of patronage but an achievement through ability.

There have been a few ladies in Zimbabwe who have won their seats on merit and have served Zimbabwe well — to name just two, Margaret Dongo and the late Ruth Chinamano in the ruling party and several in the opposition party who are there because of their tenacity and endurance.

The question is: Is this democracy? I can’t stand the man in the news at the moment but what he was trying to do was his constitutional right.

He didn’t believe in democracy either so what is fit for the goose is fit for the gander. Under the guise of “discipline” democracy is dead!



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