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For how long shall we lie idle?

PEOPLE of Zimbabwe, haven’t we had enough of this animal called Zanu PF (Pathetic Finishing)?

How long are we going to maintain the church attitude —

sit back, relax and watch helplessly as the situation degenerates from bad to worse and from worse to…Lord knows where.

There is no food in the country, there is no electricity, transport is just about every urbanite’s daily nightmare, refuse is not being collected, unemployment sits at +/-80% and is rising, inflation is the highest in the world at 123% (actually it’s around 300%), and now we are drinking dirty water.

Authorities go on TV and make so much noise about “economic turnaround”, “Look East”, “No one will starve”, “I shook the prince’s hand and talked about girls”, “Blair is bad”…

Only a fool will believe in the much-publicised “economic turnaround”. Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono himself does not believe it unless we took the wrong turn; and the Look East policy has not helped anybody I know. It has only made us China’s dumping ground while Zupco is also wasting money on those “toys”.

“No one will starve”, need I comment. “Shaking the prince’s hand” is a worthless gesture that only flatters a few government bootlickers at the Herald of Lies. That will not better the life of an ordinary Zimbabwean whose chances of ever meeting the same prince are zero.

And “taking about girls”, God help this old man. At 81 and an economy that is “democratically poor” and getting worse, the man still has time to talk about girls. I’m 23 and when I meet my influential counterparts we do not discuss, of all subjects, girls.

It gets worse as Gono has now run out of ideas. Now that all personal vendettas are settled, all the sacrificial lambs have been sacrificed and almost all indigenous banks have been closed down, I am still to get my $700 000 from the First National Building Society.

I note that the good governor has now joined the familiar “blame it on everyone else except the real culprits” game.

People of my motherland, how long are we going to let this happen? I don’t know how it was like before Independence but something tells me the situation was just about the same, so what are we gonna do?

And can somebody explain to me how in the world perennial under-achievers like Ignatius Chombo, Joseph Made and Aeneas Chigwedere retained their ministerial jobs.

Set Me Free,


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