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Corruption rife at Zimra

LET me through your paper highlight the corruption going on in the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra), which is being perpetrated by our management.

We came into

existence as Zimra on August 1 2001. Two years down the line, our management decided to sell themselves vehicles at book value, and bought new vehicles for themselves.

We were to get housing loans from Intermarket Building Society but management used all the money to buy houses for themselves in leafy suburbs, leaving us with no chance of owning a house even in the ghettos.

Zimra advanced personal loans to all staff but once again our greedy managers took all of it leading to closure of the facility.

Zimra management has never awarded a salary increment without us going for arbitration. They do not want to see their employees live a reasonably good life.

Position filling in Zimra is so scandalous. If you do not know a manager who can stand up for you then you might as well forget about promotion. Ask any employee of Zimra who is not in management and they will confirm this. No wonder most employees are leaving for greener pastures, especially for the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

In conclusion, these people preach the slogan of integrity, transparency and fairness. They are not doing what they preach. One day chickens will come home to roost.



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