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Be wary of Zanu PF’s dirty tricks

EVENTS that are taking place within Zanu PF are something that the people of Zimbabwe should view with a lot of suspicion in light of the general election due in March.

FONT face=”Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>I personally think that Zanu PF as a party is now so smart that it can afford to use non-violent, modern tactics to buy time and sway people’s attention from issues that are deemed important as we approach the election — that is the demands of the Sadc election protocol meant to ensure free and fair elections.

First we had the Phillip Chiyangwa espionage saga which I personally suspect will drag on way after the election and later die a quiet death as has happened to other cases that involved him.

Zanu PF now uses popular figures like Chiyangwa to divert people’s attention from more pressing issues facing the nation. The Chiyangwa issue will turn out to be just one of those political gimmicks meant to confuse the electorate.

Information minister Jonathan Moyo whom Zanu PF knows is disliked by the urbanites, is the one the party is keen to discipline as they put up a show of cleaning up their house.

Could someone please tell me what happened to Joseph Chinotimba and others who seem to have got away with it? Nothing will ever happen to them.

Coming on the eve of a crucial election, it must give a hint that this is just cheap politics that people should be wary of. Political gimmicks are very popular everywhere and people should be aware of them and look at them critically, especially when dealing with a regime like the one we have.

MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai’s address to the nation on Tuesday was punctuated with frustration and uncertainty on when the government would level the playing field for free and fair elections. He should know that those demands for a level playing field will only come at the eleventh hour and that there will not be enough time for his party that has been refused air time and permission to hold rallies.

Tsvangirai and his team must press for the Sadc protocol to be implemented now. Time-frames should be set and if they are not adhered to, then the best alternative would be to boycott the election altogether.

E Kwaramba,


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