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Any hope for Africa?

TWO civil servants that I know of, who worked for the Rhodesian government, both said something like this: “It never ceased to amaze us just how honest the civil service was. We had to account for every last cent.”

When President Robert Mugabe took over in 1980, he admitted that he had inherited a jewel and we got the impression that anything the Rhodesians did, he was going to do better. That was music to our ears — he would have got all the love and help he needed from the white community.

But slowly and inexorably, the cures of Africa crept in: corruption, greed, covetousness and theft. Now we have joined the rest of Africa in what must be seen as the axis of untrustworthiness.

I don’t think Africa could ever be called the axis of evil — the people are far too friendly and cheerful. Unfortunately we can’t always say the same about its leaders; there have been pretty evil tyrants, some even proud to liken themselves to Hitler!

So many rich countries want to help Africa but now it has become conditional. Is there any hope for Africa? Maybe just a glimmer.

I heard an interview of Zimbabwe’s new vice-president on SABC. She is very eager to serve the country and bread and butter issues were a top priority because she is a mother. She also said she was a Salvationist.

I take it she is not one of the poor landless parliamentarians who grabbed a farm or two or six. If she did, she would have fully compensated the dispossessed farmer for his losses because that is the honest upright Salvationist thing to do. Perhaps she is going to start the “Trustworthy Ball” rolling up Africa!

Granny Greenwood,


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