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Zimbabwe’s enemy no 1

DURING the run-up to the 2005 parliamentary election, President Robert Mugabe went around the country assuring the nation that no one would starve as the government had procured enough maize to last until the next harvest from South Afric


The Zimbabwe Independent of April 22 did right to inform the nation of the true situation regarding maize imports — that the country is experiencing problems importing maize because of foreign currency constraints.

Why then did President Mugabe lie to the rural electorate that the country had procured enough maize to last until the next harvest?

Opposition parties and all the progressive forces in the country should expose him and Zanu PF for the lie, and remind the rural people, including the chiefs, headmen and kraal heads about it .

The chiefs should ask where the maize that President Mugabe said had been procured from South Africa is.

Where even little maize is made available through the Grain Marketing Board, this is done along political lines, as is already happening in some parts of the country.

The people in the affected areas should be organised in efforts to expose such practices.

People in the rural areas should be taught to report cases where maize is only sold to Zanu PF supporters, giving precise information that includes the names of the culprits and their positions in society, Zanu PF or in government, dates and the places when and where such incidents will have taken place.

This information should be communicated to civic society organisations and donors who are involved in assisting with food and to the media to ensure that the Zimbabwean story is told properly.

A government that lies to its own people is an enemy of the people. The world should therefore be informed that the Zanu PF government, under Robert Mugabe, is the people of Zimbabwe’s number one enemy.

Benjamin Chitate,


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