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Zhing Zhongs just for you!

DEAR revolutionary comrades, Fraternal greetings from the Democratic People’s Republic of China. We urge you to buy Chinese products. Proudly Chinese!

No gu

arantees. No returns. No refunds. These products are best before two hours!

Stay away from braai stands and open fires! Go plastic. Buy Chinese!

You are condemned to buy the same products every month for 12 months!

The only guarantee is the illusion of progress, illusion of prosperity, illusion of ownership and illusion of belonging to the global village!

Buy Chinese. Products made for Zimbabweans known for their capacity and tenacity to survive any tragedy, and to get used to the truly awful.

When the going gets tough, go plastic, the misery index will nosedive.

See you at your nearest flea market and roadside stalls. Wishing you all an illusion of prosperity in the New Year!

Best regards.

Zhing Zhong,


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