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Wrong for Zim

I WOULD like to register my disgust with the authorities responsible for towing illegally-parked cars in the Harare central business district (CBD).

Noble as the idea might be, I feel that it was borrowed from developed countries

without any due consideration of the circumstances in which the system is applied.

Taking the UK for example, the by-laws actually make it legal for the municipality to tow illegally-parked cars and this is against the background of enough parking space within the CBD for an average working day.

In Zimbabwe, however, there are very few “legal” parking spaces vis-a-vis the volume of cars in the city on an average working day.

Before the relevant authorities become so passionate about this borrowed idea, could their attention please be drawn to the stupidity of not considering the context where the system of towing illegally-parked cars is relevant.

Disgusted Citizen,


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