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World laughing at Zim

I WAS reading about the comments Zanu PF secretary for external affairs Didymus Mutasa made about Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu’s remarks and found them quite disgusting and ridiculous.

It seems that he and other Zanu P

F members have been blinded by their hatred towards the world (especially whites) as it is obvious that they are not aware of the strong criticism of the so-called democracy in Zimbabwe by other black governments all around the world.

Nothing can hide the fact that President Mugabe has run the country into the ground.

I pray with Archbishop Tutu that God will replace President Mugabe with a strong leader who cares for his people as ordered by God. It is time that he stopped living in the past, blaming colonialism for the state of the country.

The world does not believe it anymore and is laughing at him. Tutu has one of the best track records of an African leader who has been fighting for the rights of black people and respecting the rights of his own people. He is an example of what a leader should look and act like.
Power to the real people!

André Oosthuizen,


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