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Thwart Chombo’s destructive mission

THE article by Professor Chris Magadza, “Harare at risk of ‘pollution’ diseases”, (Zimbabwe Independent, September 10, 2004) makes sad reading.

How safe is Harare’s drinking water? Is it fit for hu

man consumption? What of the side-effects?

Why is Local Government minister Ignatious Chombo dilly-dallying when it comes to approving the city’s borrowing powers?

This ministerial intransigence is a gross dereliction of duty. Will action be taken? Any action is better than no action. Even critical reflection is some kind of action.

What this means in essence is that we can be poisoned by the city council.

Why not take legal action against Chombo? He is sitting on the money meant for remedial action. The spectre of liver cancer and intestinal disorders is now a reality.

There is also damage to male testicular chromosones. When your manhood and source of pride is affected you are forced to act!

There is no choice and no option in the matter. Doing nothing is a decision and a position in itself.

The safety of our drinking water should never be left to chance, trial and error methods. This is a fundamental functional prerequisite.

Why did we sink so low? Water is life. Life is water. The purchase of water chemicals and the rehabilitation of purification plants should be given the seriousness and urgency they deserve.

There should be commitment at the highest political levels. Residents should never be held to ransom.

Not all of us can afford bottled water or install water filters at our homes.

Chombo should face litigation. He wants to destroy Mutare, Harare and Bulawayo. He wants to pull the carpet from underneath the opposition’s feet.

He is the biggest threat to devolution and decentralisation of power. Refusing to decide is a decision.

Is there a conspiracy to destroy politically, financially, administratively or otherwise, the metropolitan cities of Harare and Bulawayo?

Milton Njuzu Mandaza,


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