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Slashed mushrooms deserved the chop

I WISH to express my dismay at what is being done by the Harare authorities to its citizens these days.

To start with, I feel sorry for the flea market traders wh

ose stalls have been destroyed lately. This is typical of the Zanu PF regime which is insensitive, arrogant, oppressive and uncaring.

Just think of it; many people have lost their livelihood through the demolition of the stalls.

I agree with those who say that this act is aimed at the urban dwellers as part of retribution for voting for the MDC in the March election, for if not, how would a government of the people give these traders four days’ notice to vacate without first giving them alternative places to operate from?

Then there is this misguided lot at Tongogara whose houses were razed last Friday. To be frank, Mr Editor, I don’t feel sorry for this lot for they deserved it. They allowed themselves to be used like condoms by Zanu PF. After securing their votes, the regime saw fit to discard the lot like a used condom and that’s it.

They were told long back by (Housing minister) Ignatious Chombo that they would be removed but they thought he was joking. Who did they think they were to get an urban residential stand for free in this country? Shame on them all.

MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai even warned them again in 2000 that people mustn’t grow like mushrooms everywhere but they did not take heed.

Mudhara weNorton,


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