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Shut him out!

I STILL can’t believe the amount of publicity that you guys (Zimbabwe Independent) are giving to former (Mis)Information minister Jonathan Moyo.

Have we for

gotten that this is the same man who in earnest plotted the downfall of the independent media; the same man who for some reason thought we are better off with Zanu PF’s Bureau of Confusion (ZBC) and the Herald of Lies — no Daily News, no Tribune — and believe me, if this man was given another term in office, he would surely have “crafted” another piece of legislation that would have ensured the closure of the Standard, the Zimbabwe Independent (yes the ZimInd), the Financial Gazette and every other newspaper that dares not sing praises to the ruling regime.

Mr Editor, this man must not be allowed to air his “good or bad” views in our papers. The bad professor (never mind George Charamba’s claims), is the brains behind such oppressive pieces of legislation such as Aippa and Posa.

I hope we have heard and seen the last of the professor.

Set Me Free,


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