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Seems you’re jealous of Geoff

I AM sure I am not the only reader wondering how Muckraker concluded that one sentence written by Geoff Nyarota in what appeared to be a private letter to Trevor Ncube is a review of his forthcoming book.

Who gave you this private letter to publish in your paper? It now l

ooks like you are jealous of this man. Why do you attack him in every paper for crimes committed 20 years ago and you just accuse him without proof? Is that good journalism?

If your correspondent, C Muzavazi, was correct last week in saying that Nyarota arrived at the Chronicle halfway through the Gukurahundi, does anyone know who the editor was before him? What do you say about him? 
Some of us were still young at the time and we need to know these details.

Marcus Nembaware,

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