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Ratchet up pressure

THE recent outburst by the US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice that Zimbabwe is among the world’s six outposts of tyranny shows that not only Zimbabweans are sick and tired of the rule of this despotic government, but that the whole world sympathises

with the masses who are continually being traumatised.

It seems that the smart sanctions which were imposed by the US and the European Union are not tight enough on the Mugabe regime officials. It’s high time the world leaders took a very tough stance.

To our north, south, east and west, all the Sadc countries have had new presidents over the past 25 years except us.

Where in the world have you heard of a shortage of local currency in any given country — people buying their own currency like what happened in 2003?

Just imagine a country where one is arrested for exercising freedom of speech and having different ideas to the sitting government and such repressive laws as Aippa and Posa.

This shows that we are now back to the olden days of the Ian Smith regime.

World leaders should take tough action against the Zimbabwe government while the people of Zimbabwe should go and vote in large numbers to remove this evil regime from power.

Makatida Mbizi,


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