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Proverbs 29 v 1-2 describes his character

THIS is yet another eye-opener to the people of Zimbabwe and the whole world. President Mugabe and his cronies’ deeds must be exposed to the faithful citizens they have been stepping on for a long time.

T face=”Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>The people of Zimbabwe have been involved in and induced to allow the destruction of our nation by President Mugabe through institutions like the army and the police. It is happening everyday before our eyes.

The youth have been trained at the militia training camps to counterculture our sovereign state. Therefore, see how we have been used as a people to wreck the moral and economic stability we had? President Mugabe has been using many of us to destroy and visit depravity upon us.

To rectify the situation he has created, we must show how this degeneration of our great republic was brought about over the last 24 years of his leadership. To recognise how we have been transformed from the southern African breadbasket to the sick and valueless economic parasite we have become today, we must remove President Mugabe and Zanu PF from the throne.

President Mugabe has brought about our predicament through characters such as Jonathan Moyo, Emmerson Mnangagwa while Tobaiwa Mudede helped through the voting process. My intention here as a citizen of Zimbabwe is to invite all and sundry to get together and identify and completely remove the evil which has brought us these hardships

Proverbs 29 verse 1-2 explains what a leader President Mugabe is — a very stubborn person who resists correction or challenges to his regime. Zanu PF leaders and supporters must read the current situation very carefully and repent. Time is running out for all of them.

Nicholas Nickson Mada.


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