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Paying for their arrogance

THE fall of some of the most arrogant ministers in the present cabinet — Paul Mangwana and Samuel Mumbengegwi — in the recent Zanu PF primary elections shows that the Almighty is answering our prayers.

First it was Jo

nathan Moyo and Patrick Chinamasa, then came Mangwana, Mumbengegwi and his deputy Kenneth Manyonda.

What I would like to remind these outgoing ministers is that there is only one God. The days when they used to boast as if Zimbabwe was their own bedroom are coming to an end.

After their appointments, some of them only worked to impress their dear leader forgetting the masses who had elected them into parliament in the first place.

They should remember that their despotic boss indicated that he will only appoint elected MPs into his new cabinet assuming that Zanu PF wins the March poll.

Mangwana should remember the days he teamed up with his colleague Stan Mudenge to deport visiting Cosatu leaders on a fact-finding mission.

He thought he was on top of the world. And Mumbengegwi should look back to the time he splashed Net*One lines and cellphones to the people of Chivi South in futile efforts to buy votes only to be snubbed.

There is a saying which goes: “Those who live by the sword will die by the sword”.

I would like to urge the masses of Zimbabwe to go and vote in the March election so that this government — replete with spies, corruption, oppression and despotism — could ease out of power. We should continue praying until God restores democracy in our Motherland.

Makatida Mbizi,


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