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Mugabe setting stage for party’s death

MANY comments have been passed on Information minister Jonathan Moyo over the failed Tsholotsho Declaration.

Many have also hailed President Mugabe for purging at

tendants of the meeting, in particular Moyo. What many fail to see is that Moyo has plainly shown what might become the fate of Zanu PF in the post-Mugabe era.

As a Zanu PF supporter, I have seen things that not many have seen. The fact that the president has always barred talk of succession means that the whole nation — including those in the party — were left to guess the desires of the leader.

Many have always been of the opinion that the president wanted to be succeeded by Emmerson Mnangagwa and many still do.

That the meeting was organised and attended by so many influential individuals who knew fully well the consequences of going against the president shows that they thought that they were conforming to his wishes.

It is this mentality that might destroy our party in the post-Mugabe era: a culture of secrecy where certain things are not allowed to be discussed. In the same vein, I can see the same problem with the MDC; do they have a succession plan or not? If they don’t, we shall become a country of purges.

The president should come out in the open. If he says “the people should decide”, let them; six out of the 10 chairmen had spoken only to be silenced. If he wants to personally name a successor, then let him come out and say so, not leave the party fumbling in the dark.

Many are currently saying that Teurai Ropa (Joyce Mujuru)’s appointment is just a dummy to fool people so that Mnangagwa can take over come 2008 after both the president and vice-president Joseph Msika have stepped down.

This culture of secrecy and fear by the leaders and of the leaders must end if the party is to move ahead.

David King,


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