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Mandebvu missed the point

YOUR correspondent, Magari Mandebvu, is totally wrong. He failed to understand the point of my letter “Explain Jenni’s agenda”, (Zimbabwe Independent, April 29).

tica, sans-serif”>I never said that blacks cannot think for themselves. Jenni Williams is not a black woman, anyway. The point I made was that if a black woman asked a Western donor to sponsor her to walk with other women on Valentine’s Day as Williams did, she would never be supported.

My point was that the donors support Williams only because she is white, not because she has a credible project.

As for where I am coming from, my husband was maimed by Zanu PF youths and is now disabled. This does not mean that his wife cannot challenge people who challenge President Robert Mugabe through meaningless long-distance walks.

It is sad that to Mandebvu any black person who challenges a white person must be acting under the influence of President Mugabe.

Mandebvu has become so colonised that he fails to appreciate that in Zimbabwe, no race is superior to another. He must answer the many questions which I asked about Williams.

Judging from his address, his wife cannot be walking with Williams, anyway.

Mai Chengetai,


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