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He takes after his father

THE Standard of January 23 carried an interesting letter by Allan Martin where Peter Chingoka, the ZCU boss was described as “reviled and feared” by the cricket players.

This character analysis of the ZCU boss has had a no

stalgic effect on me because, back in the 1960s, Mabvuku Police Station had one P Chingoka who was the BSAP member-in-charge.

Nearly all residents of Mabvuku except a few of his cronies, “reviled and feared” the man.

He was a real devil and many nationalists resident in Mabvuku then were detained at WhaWha, Silobela and Gonakudzingwa, among other places, through his “efficient service” for the Rhodesian Front government.

May nationalists I knew — Mtandwa, Chamunorwa, Makore, Mtetwa and others went to their graves cursing this BSAP member-in-charge.

Each time a political party was banned (and these include the ANC, NDP, Zapu and the PCC), Chingoka would round up all the youths and adults early in the morning of the day of the ban and detain us at his camp where we were tortured and interrogated for hours on end without food or water.

If the ZCU boss’s character is anywhere near this former member-in-charge, then the cricket players have a genuine reason to “revile and fear” him.

The P Chingoka, member-in-charge of Mabvuku Police Station was a real giant, huge and fear-inspiring and he was the father of the ZCU boss.

Former Mabvuku resident,


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