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Explore Dongo’s suggestions

ELECTION time gives us the opportunity to evaluate our sitting MPs’ performance and decide whether or not to re-elect them.

But, most importantly, aspiring candidates challenging the incumbents bring

in new ideas to the election table.

Take the case of former MP Margaret Dongo, now gunning for Harare Central, for example.

She has suggested that the current two-horse race is too concentrated on the politics of power and that we need a third force (party) to command attention back to the burning issues.

She further suggested that there is a section of the population which supports neither the MDC nor Zanu PF, and is therefore unrepresented in the political set-up.

In my opinion, these are thought-provoking suggestions which beg us to explore them deeper. Such propositions inspire new vision and new motivations.

Your valued newspaper is an indispensable weapon in the arsenal seeking out Zimbabwe’s democracy.

I hope that one day during this election campaign period you’ll interview Dongo and explore her ideas further.

What difference would the next parliament with Dongo make — her indisputable contribution in the 1995-2000 parliament besides?

Mitchelle Nyanhongo,


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