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Even the Chinese dumped it!

SUPA Mandiwanzira is right that China is “the factory of the world”.

It is common knowledge to us outside the country (because the time I was in Zimba

bwe I could not get a copy of Business Week, a Fortune magazine, because of lack of foreign currency to bring them in) and those who naturally read like yourselves.

China is the hub and has been for the past 25 years!

However, Mr Editor, would Mandiwanzira tell us how China got to be the “factory of the world” and would he tell his bosses and the Zanu PF adherents?

Is it not an irony that all “this China growth” started in 1979 when one Chinese leader said “they were looking for a cat to catch a rat. Whether the cat is black or white does not matter, as long as it catches the rat?”

Why this stupid “Look East” policy when even the Chinese do not believe in such archaic type of thinking?

Shuwa murume mukuru kutoti “the wise-men are from the east!”. Hii Mugabe

woye, unotinyadzisireiko kudai! (It’s amazing how such a big man would insist on the Look East policy. Why embarrass us?)

Baba T,


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