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Please help us avoid the ‘cleft stick messenger’

WE urgently request fuel for the Tel*One Rutenga-Mwenezi vehicle as workmen cannot attend to faults owing to transport problems.
The area Tel*One workmen cover is vast yet they are only given a mere 200 litres of petrol per month, which is apparently not enough.

Our telephones have been out of order for longer than they have been working since January 9.

Business associates and friends from Harare cannot get through to our area.

We can also not make any outgoing calls at all.
Numerous calls from Zimpost Mwenezi by us to one technician called Martin and his boss Masakurakwa in Chiredzi constantly meet with they reply “sorry no fuel”.

Phone call tariffs and rentals have been increased while service delivery has deteriorated.
We appeal to donors, non-governmental organisations or anyone out there to come to our rescue. Failing that, we will have to go back to the “cleft stick messenger” of yesteryear.


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