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Confounded by White African

WHITE African from Bulawayo may not have had the guts to use his real name in his response to my article “Only way whites can secure place  in Africa”, (Zimbabwe Independent, February 17), about whites in Africa at a time of great change.
But it was

not difficult to tell that he/she got very hot under the collar about my views.
That is fine and in the spirit of debate. What a pity then that he/she got so emotional not in response to any actual point I had made, but seemingly about raising the issue of why race relations in southern Africa have never succeeded in going from fraught with tension, to harmonious.
So worked up was White African, that he/she, using the Jonathan Moyo-Tafataona Mahoso style of “debate”, suggested that I shut up about the issue altogether and stick to opinions he/she finds palatable!

And he/she insinuates that “someone with the education to know better” should not think for himself, but hold his views because of anti-white brainwashing over a lifetime!
It was tempting at that point to just dismiss White African as too emotional about this issue.
But then I may be a little more used to robustly debating issues on  their merits or lack of them than he/she is.
I am not to be told what to talk about or what opinions to hold by White African any more than I am by state pr
But more importantly, that head-in-the-sand approach to history and the reality it has left us with, will not make it go away.

White African decided to ignore what I actually said and instead got steamed up about the issue of whether one culture is better than the other, and to get terribly offended at the idea of whites “integrating fully” into the black African lifestyle/culture.
I did not address this at all, but touched on the issue of inter-cultural accommodation and respect, and how it would inevitably shift the other way from now on, though many whites would either resist the very idea as an insult, or do it very grudgingly.

By refusing to even pay attention to what I was saying, denying me the credit for being able to think for myself, and reacting so strongly and emotionally to what thoughts he/she tried to put into my mind, White African unwittingly gave a brilliant example of just the attitude problem I tried to describe in my article!
I would like to thank him/her for so graphically helping me make my point about one reason genuine racial harmony will remain a mirage in southern Africa for some time to come! 

Chido Makunike,

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