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Who really is a rebel?

BENJAMIN Chitate’s letter “Split a blessing in disguise”, (Zimbabwe Independent, March 3), infers that members of Gibson Sibanda’s faction of the MDC hate Morgan Tsvangirai.

From the tone of the letter, it is apparent that he hates them as well and

his comments are driven by such hatred!

He claims to have been following the MDC’s split closely but surprisingly does not seem to remember that it was Tsvangirai himself who disobeyed the results of a legitimate poll and walked away!
He subsequently spurned efforts by Sibanda for dialogue in order to avoid the embarrassing split. What followed thereafter were dictatorial statements by Tsvangirai that the other group should dump the outcome of the vote (the pro-senate stance) and follow him. When they refused and continued to abide by the constitution, sections of the media and people like Chitate concluded that the pro-senate faction was a group of rebels!
It is up to anyone to interpret events the way they like as to who exactly is a rebel; is it a wayward leader who strays from the constitution or subordinates who refuse to stray with him?

Lizwelibolile Ncube,
Emgodini webhalagwe.

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