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Which Zimbabweans does Sacco refer to?

By Umbrage

ROB Sacco’s self-serving attack on “whites, liberal or otherwise” “Trevor Grundy article was trash, why publish it?” (Zimbabwe Independent, Novem

ber 24) refers.

I recall a television interview with the writer a few years ago in which he said something to the effect that he and his wife Liesel “always wanted to live in a hut”. A very nicely furnished “hut” though, is it not Sacco!

My questions to him are:

* Do Zimbabweans generally really aspire to live in a hut or are you putting them into your own blinkered view of a cheery self-sufficient rural people happily thatching their own huts?

* Have you seen how vulnerable the majority of rural folk are to political intimidation due to their impoverishment?

* Have the majority of Zimbabweans, 26 years after Independence, managed to upgrade their huts to include the “comfort zones” — electricity, water etc, such as your family and Didymus Mutasa’s have — including your children’s education? What about the schools? Where did your children finish their education?
* I strongly suspect that Sacco and family have Western funding to maintain their meagre “hut” existence. Do the majority of rural families in their own huts have this sort of funding?

* Can Sacco name the co-operatives that “to this date have never entirely been defeated” and inform the reader as to which were or were not “defeated”, for what reason and by whom?

Umbrage is a pen name for a writer from Mount Pleasant, Harare.

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