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Simple stories on inflation please!

ORDINARY people need to understand such issues as inflation, what exactly it is and how it comes about.

Give us experiences of other countries in history, such as Germany, that have experienced this phenomenon and how they solved it.
Once people understand thi

s they will begin to draw parallels with our situation and understand that it is not a question of which party has the strongest slogan, but who talks sense.
I am sure among your columnists there is someone who can tackle the topic in simple language, giving illustrations where possible.

Contrary to what most people think, the Zimbabwe Independent, the Standard and the Financial Gazette reach many rural folk. Although all my copies of these papers are handed down to selected people who read and discuss with others in their villages, topics like this one are written in high-flown language.
Rural folk need to understand central issues so that they stop believing that inflation is a kind of virus sent to Zimbabwe by Tony Blair and George Bush.

The same treatment could also be given to foreign currency, the role of the IMF, World Bank etc.
Another topic which I am sure readers could take up is the role and function of a state security organ such as the CIA as compared to our CIO.
We have been told that every country has a central security organ but does ours function in the same way as all these?

I look forward to such educative columns aimed at the barely literate so that they make choices from an informed point.

If such topics do not directly increase the sales of your newspaper, they will certainly increase readership. I’m certain there are organisations that care to sponsor such a column.

Naison Nyamaropa.

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