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MDC should learn from history

I AM surprised and rather saddened by the announcement that the MDC and its rebel faction have agreed to the piecemeal constitutional amendments. Have they no confidence in the people or are they not confident enough for the people?

ify>This is the question the MDC needs to thoroughly search through themselves and answer. It now seems that the MDC is not confident enough, in itself, for the people of Zimbabwe.

Let us look at history. When the Internal Settlement between Ian Smith, Abel Muzorewa and Ndabaningi Sithole was carried out, Zanu PF and Zapu did not panic and abandon the struggle in case they got left out. They knew what they were fighting for and that it was what the people wanted, hence the people would be behind them.

Let us look at the MDC today. The party appears so desperate that it will accept crumbs from the Zanu PF rigging machinery in the so-called constitutional amendment 18. We have been there before.

As long as Zanu PF is in control of the rigging system, the result will be worked out in a Zanu PF office and beforehand the MDC will be given a few urban seats (minus a few more to make it appear as if Zanu PF is making inroads into urban areas in preparation for further future rigging) to give the charade a semblance of a normal election.

Yes, people will cast votes. They will pretend to count. Then the command centre will announce the pre-calculated results, much to the shock and disappointment of Zimbabweans. We have been there before. We will be there again.

As long as the MDC does not understand the mentality of their antagonists, they will find that Zimbabweans will lose faith in their leadership and they will become irrelevant, be left by the wayside as other parties before them. So far Zimbabweans have been patient with the MDC and it seems the party is not returning the favour.

They are selling out to Zanu PF. Zimbabweans are desperate for change, not piecemeal internal settlements that do not bring change.

Other leaders can and will emerge if the current MDC leaders show cowardice and lack of tenacity in the face of a tyranny that tirelessly wears them down. If independence did not come easily, what makes the MDC believe Zanu PF will agree to give power easily? The initiative has to be taken away from Zanu PF.

Ropa Renyadzonia,


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