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MDC New Zealand branch resolution

MEMBERS of the MDC met in Auckland last Saturday and resolved that: 

The situation in Zimbabwe needs all people to unite and confront the dictatorial regime of President Robert Mugabe; 

* It is time concerned Zimbabweans  got involved in efforts to br

ing about change, rather than watch from the terraces as the situation continues to deteriorate; 

* MDC president, Morgan Tsvangirai, has made enough effort to bring back his colleagues who have strayed from the vision to remove the dictatorial regime of President Mugabe from power, but his efforts have been repeatedly spurned; 

* Tsvangirai is the legitimate leader of the MDC until congress elects another president; 

* We don’t recognise the meeting held in Bulawayo as an MDC congress. The only genuine MDC congress will be held on March 18 and 19 in Harare; 

* The desire by Professor Arthur Mutambara, leader of the opposition grouping formed out of the meeting held in Bulawayo by mostly former MDC officials, to bring back the breakaway group into the MDC, is a welcome initiative, and should the concerned former MDC officials realise the need to confront the regime in order to bring about a better life for all Zimbabweans, the door must be kept open for them to do so, provided they follow the appropriate procedures in so doing; 

* The MDC New Zealand branch will respect the resolutions that will come out of the March 18-19  congress; 

* The branch will mobilise Zimbabweans based in New Zealand to work towards creating democratic space in Zimbabwe; 

* The branch will compare notes with other MDC structures in the diaspora in an effort to come up with a common approach for Zimbabweans in the diaspora in the struggle to bring about a better life for all Zimbabweans; and 

* The branch will always strive to give a realistic impression of the true Zimbabwean situation to the New Zealand and South Pacific communities.

Ben Magaiza, PRO
MDC, New Zealand.

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