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Compare the prices first

PRICES for medication in pharmacies have really gone crazy.

On February 27, I went to see my eye doctor who prescribed FML eye-drops (5mls) for my eye problems. The medication is manufactured in South Africa.
I took the prescription to my usual pharmacy that

I shall call Pharmacy No 1.
I was shocked to be told that the price is $8,2 million. I decided to shop around by telephone to see if I could find it reasonably cheaper elsewhere.
At Pharmacy No 2 the same medication costs $6,7 million. At Pharmacy No 3 it is going for $5,1 million while at Pharmacy No 4 it costs $3,5 million. I eventually bought it at Pharmacy No 5 where it was sold at $2,6 million.

While I understand that different companies, though in the same industry, have different cost structures and therefore have different pricing regimes, the very wide range in price differentials is really shocking.
The customer will never, ever, get relief from the intolerable environment confronting him.

My advice to fellow Zimbabweans: please shop around extensively before you decide to make a purchase. The differences in prices for some medication between pharmacies can be wages for some people.

J Mupunga,

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