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Africans should preside over their own development

By Praying Parent

DEVELOPMENT for Africa can only be determined and directed by Africans.

Structural adjustments prescribed by the Wester

n banks have had devastating results throughout Africa.

For our politicians to think they alone have the ability to turn around the economy, is a shallow observation. Skills and development strategies are vast and always ignored in African countries because the politicians want to outshine everyone else.

The politicians are threatened free-thinkers and entrepreneurs within their own countries, but will be quick to embrace foreign investors at the expense of their own countrymen.

Companies like Econet, Kingdom Holdings, NMB and others who can turn the fortunes of this country are treated as enemies of the country, why?

If Tel*One was professional, it would have developed a telecommunications system that would have been the envy of the world — to compete for international traffic, open up the airwaves, promote private radio and television stations to compete with the Indian Call Centres for business and MultiChoice throughout Africa with quality programmes.

This protectionist attitude of the Zimbabwean public sector is shortsighted because of a lack of innovation within government and the public sector.

The water and electricity sectors should be opened up to create competition from the private sector, not as a prescription from the World Bank or the IMF, but for self-development to address the needs of the country for the next 20-50 years.

That is what Zimbabwean politicians should have done to drive development of the country, which could have been the post-war development of Africa/Zimbabwe.

Praying Parent is the name of a writer based in the USA.

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