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A commission could be good for Kwekwe

RESIDENTS of Kwekwe have been suffering from the city council’s unwarranted and highly-inflated water bills since January.
A household in the low-density area was paying an average of $600 000 per month for water but in January it went up  to $200 million

or more for some homes.

The surprising thing is that rains have been falling meaning no one was watering their gardens.

On making enquiries, some of the bills were slashed to $3 million without any satisfactory explanation.
The office is always inundated with people making enquiries every month-end such that one spends more than four hours awaiting his turn, and to make matters worse, one does not get a satisfactory answer.
The other surprising thing is that since January, water supplies are cut for most of the day and thus reducing consumption.

 Rumour also has it that the water is no longer purified, leaving people prone to diarrhoea.
The water charges are way beyond an average worker’s salary. We do not know where they think people will get that kind of money.

There seems to be gross mismanagement in Kwekwe. It appears the council is broke, hence the attempt to milk residents dry.

This issue needs to be looked into urgently before we all die of debt-related stress.

It’s possible we might be good candidates for a commission just like Harare and Mutare, where things have changed for the better.
We surely shouldn’t die while the responsible minister watches.


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