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That’s not it sir!

I DISAGREE with John Robertson’s description “Whites’ arrogance not peculiar” (Zimbabwe Independent, February 24) of Chido Makunike’s article “Only way whites can secure place in Africa” (Independent, February 17), as a plausible account of the re

asons for the difficulties faced by whites in establishing a secure future in Africa.

I believe that the white African’s future is as secure as the blacks’ already, even in the face of the ridiculous punitive action by Zimbabwe’s current dictatorship.

One should never lose sight of the fact that white and black Africans’ future security in Africa is interwoven despite the massive difference in their populations.

In my opinion, Makunike’s article was just another cheap shot at the white African community by someone with the education to know better, but a mind subjected to vicious anti-white propaganda from the day he was born.

He may mean well by his advice but he has gripped the wrong end of the stick entirely.

To begin with, Makunike purports to address whites in Africa whom he asserts should rather call themselves white Africans and behave as such, basically by integrating fully into the black African lifestyle. In reality, he is not addressing whites in Africa since they would have no desire to shore up a secure future here anyway. So truthfully, he is addressing white Africans, and contrary to what Robertson says, there are a large number around who call themselves just that.

Basically, he has the gall to tell us that our culture is not good enough for Africa anymore and we must adopt the black culture. Furthermore, he tells us that we have bad traits of arrogance, aloofness and condescension inherited from colonial times.

Well, I have news for Makunike. His community has the same traits inherited from the Mugabe era and if he wants to persuade me to adopt his culture he is going to have to do a lot of convincing that his culture is any better than mine.

Honestly, in my short experience of the colonial era, I never heard of any white man having the cheek to tell a black to change his culture!

In any case, Africans in Zimbabwe — black and white — are struggling to survive, let alone shore up a secure future.

My advice to Makunike is to refrain from picking on a handful of white Africans who, by his own admission, have a lot to offer Africa, and to concentrate on the area he knows best, that is, the worst curse of Africa which, strangely enough, is not corruption or nepotism or tribalism but African nationalism, better known as black racism, because if this evil takes root, all Africans can kiss goodbye to a secure future for ever.

White African,

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