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Split a blessing in disguise

I WAS relieved to read Professor Arthur Mutambara’s acceptance speech after his election to lead the pro-senate faction of the MDC.

Mutambara seems eager to fulfil his promise to unite the MDC as he openly says he is willing to subject himself to an election for th

e presidency of the party in the reunification process. This is in contrast to the positions of those who invited him.
It has been demonstrated that they hate Morgan Tsvangirai, president of the MDC.

I like Mutambara’s stance on the senate elections, withdrawal from parliament and uniting the people, strong views he shares with Tsvangirai.

Tsvangirai tried to achieve unity after the split, but we even had headline stories of how people in the other camp spurned his efforts.

I hope those who have given Tsvangirai headaches will now realise what Zimbabweans need.

Just a few weeks ago, spokesman of the pro-senate camp, Paul Themba Nyathi, was boasting about fighting President Mugabe in parliament. I hope he will now listen to Mutambara when he tells him it is a waste of time to be in parliament.

The pro-senate faction has already appointed a parliamentary spokesperson and a chief whip.

The split in the MDC was indeed a blessing in disguise because in the re-unification process that Mutambara has hinted at in his acceptance speech, people will be able to elect leaders who are serious about removing the dictatorship that has caused so much misery to the majority of Zimbabweans.

While I do not recognise the splinter group that Mutambara has joined, I salute him for his vision and hope that he will soon sit down with the legitimate MDC led by Tsvangirai, and start the process of rebuilding the party by engaging other forces determined to restore Zimbabwe’s lost glory.

Benjamin Chitate,
New Zealand.

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