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Rise against fee hikes or face history’s wrath

STUDENTS have always been, and should always be the vanguard in the struggle for opening up democratic space.

In the early 70s, Simba Makoni, the late Witness Mangwende and Dambudzo Marechera made the University of Rhodesia ungovernable.

For the late Zororo Duri,

the call for freedom was so strong that he abandoned his university studies to go and fight to liberate his country from bondage. In the early 80s, Arthur Mutambara and Munyaradzi Gwisai, among others, dared to rise against a kleptomaniac regime.

When the MDC was formed, one of its cornerstones was the Zimbabwe National Students’ Union.

Now the government has dared to hike fees astronomically regardless of the fact that most of its officials received free tertiary education. It is the duty of every sane student to resist such shameless disregard of people’s economic status.

Most students come from working class backgrounds and the new fee structures are a sick joke. Students taking a sheepish attitude to the struggle should remember that history will judge them harshly.

Government has people it pays to get angry on its behalf by firing bullets but students have banners.

Anesu Katerere,

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