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Day of reckoning coming for Mugabe’s foot soldiers

FOLLOWING the declaration by President Mugabe that the police were only doing their job when they assaulted ZCTU members on a peaceful protest march, the police have effectively be

come his storm troopers.

This scenario has effectively turned us into a police state. But what these foot soldiers do not realise is that they are being used by a regime that is on its last legs.

President Mugabe is merely using them as a buffer so that we dare not muster courage to oppose him. He gives them the greenlight because he knows that they are blindly loyal to him. Some of the police officers perpetrating violence do so reluctantly, but this will not save them from jail when the day of reckoning arrives, as it surely will.

They can run, but there won’t be anywhere to hide. Their devotion to him will cost them dearly. There shall be gnashing of teeth!

They can flee to other countries but they will be hunted down eventually.

What they don’t realise too, is that when the day of reckoning comes, they are the ones who will be arrested, tried and jailed, and not Robert Mugabe, who will likely get amnesty.

No amount of “we were only doing our job” will save them. What they should know is that their actions are not escaping notice. They are being hoodwinked into believing they are doing their duty even when they commit crimes against humanity.

The victims of police brutality know the names of their assailants. With the help of witnesses and other victims, their time shall come as surely as the sun rises from the east.

The perpetrators need to be disabused of the notion that it is a remote possibility that they will be tried. The dates when crimes were committed and names of the victims are being systematically recorded and kept for future reference.

The police have a lot of informers who know who their accomplices are. These will be too keen to distance themselves by providing information.

To the police I say, enjoy yourselves while you can!

Mwana Wevhu is a pen name for a Harare-based writer.

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