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Can’t tell right from left

IT still seems some fellow Zimbabweans don’t know their right hand from their left.

On February 23, I entered the roundabout at Newlands wishing to pass from the TM side into Kenilworth for Arden Road, when midway across the junction, a car travelling from the city

centre along Enterprise Road, entered the roundabout without noticing I was already on the road.  

I had to apply emergency brakes, but because of the motorist’s sudden appearance, I was too late on the brakes, and my car bumped into the side of his vehicle.  The driver claimed I bumped into him.

This was true but I was already in the roundabout and therefore had the right of way.    

It seems the motorist does not know his right from the left hand, which made him contradict the Highway Code which clearly states that all drivers entering a roundabout should give way to all traffic coming from the right.   
J Williams,

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