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Attend ‘re-orientation’ but learn nothing

By Survivor

IT’S very sad to hear that Didymus Mutasa, without consulting the electorate, wants to make Robert Mugabe president for life (Zimbabwe Independent,<
/I> December 8.)

We hear Mutasa spewing things like “he has done so much for Zimbabwe and he is not even tired yet”.

Poor, misinformed Mutasa obviously has not learnt that before 1980 Zimbabwe had the strongest second economy in Africa — even stronger than countries endowed with oil reserves.

If Mugabe has done so much, why are we the biggest failure in the whole world? We have to brand a man who destroyed the country like him and his cronies as “enemies of the state”. We are doomed if we allow this to happen.

We also have to look at the police, those poor brainwashed fellows who, whilst they and their families are starving, break the arms and legs of citizens who dare to demonstrate for change.

Mugabe has already brainwashed the present police and army lower ranks into blindly supporting him, even to the extent of beating up their own family members. That is expected anyway because their “entry qualifications” are questionable.

Disturbing is the fact that Mugabe now wants to brainwash the young generation by insisting they go to re-orientation camps before being allowed into colleges or universities.

He is scared that this educated generation will not take the nonsense their parents take today.

I hope the young people won’t succumb to this influence. They should go to the camps if they have to, but let all the propaganda that is rammed into their heads go in through one ear and out the other. They owe it to themselves to save their country because their parents have failed.

In the meantime, let’s ostracise both the police and the army, those sadistic pawns who choose to be on the opposite side of civilised society, preferring to support Mugabe even when they are starving themselves.

* Survivor is a pen name for a Harare-based writer.

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