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Zinwa, stay away from Byo

WE note that the Bulawayo City Council took a stand against the Zinwa take-over of water and sewer services from the control of the city council. We also note that the city council wrote and appealed to the relevant ministries and requested a change of decisio

n on the issue. And we finally note the government through the Ministry of Local Government has given an order that the Bulawayo City Council must comply with the Zinwa take-over.

As the MDC, we strongly condemn this take-over. The people of Bulawayo made representations against the take-over for reasons that have to do with Zinwa’s failure to deliver services where they have taken over.

As a party we condemn the Zinwa take-over and continue to support both the Bulawayo City Council’s stated position and the stand taken by the people of Bulawayo who elected the current MDC council.

Zinwa’s track record is one of failure to deliver clean and reliable water to residents of all the local authorities where it has commandeered these water services. Taking over water reticulation from such an efficiently run council like that of Bulawayo is a travesty.

GJ Sibanda,

MDC deputy president.

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