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Service is just garbage

I LIVE 300 metres up the road from the Marlborough Medical Centre.

I would say that this private healthcare facility is the primary source of medical assistance for the large portion of the northern suburbs of Harare.

ign=justify>I do wonder, though, how the centre continues to function.

It is over 18 months since I moved into the house I am in. In this time garbage has only been collected twice on Woodhall Road — in the week prior to Christmas.

For over five months, I have left a bin full of rubbish on the road outside my gate and it has not been emptied once in this time.

Our usual routine of water supply delivery for the last year has been 24 hours with water and 24 hours without.

For August, electricity supplies were off for over 150 hours and water has been off for 287 hours.

Factor in that each home and business that can afford it has a generator that uses at least US$1 per hour during power-cuts and we have a huge forex drain right here.

Had this money (and that used to purchase the generators) been allocated — or included in Zesa tariffs initially — then we would not be facing these massive productivity blows in our businesses.

Rodolph S,


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