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Moyo must be censored

THE Candid Comment contributed by Dumisani Muleya last week made interesting reading, particularly when he asks, “and what are we doing?”(about the situation in Zimbabwe).

The reason why we are where we are today as a country is

mainly because of lack of self-respect as individuals and as a nation.

How else does one explain why people can wake up at midnight to do their laundry and then wake up the next day at about the same time to press their clothes without having a problem with it? Why is it that ratepayers have no problem paying bills to Zesa and Zinwa without demanding to know why the services by these utilities are only available at midnight — when the intended users are obviously sleeping?

The questions will continue to be asked but if Muleya’s question is asked of the editorial staff at the Zimbabwe Independent regarding why you give Jonathan Moyo space in your newspaper, I wonder what you people will have to say.

In my view, this clearly shows lack of respect for your readers as well as your advertisers who have stood by you through thick and thin.

What kind of Zimbabwe are you hoping to build by giving space in your paper, our paper, to someone who, as a minister, wished the paper never existed in the first place?

Muleya is indeed right when he says that the Zimbabwe debate is now about personalities rather than content. But with Moyo, unfortunately, our wounds are still fresh! Give us some respect by censoring the former Zanu PF spin-doctor.

Godwin Ndhlovu


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