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Journalists must show professionalism

OVER too long a period of time many alleged Zimbabwean political analysts, opportunists, media reporters, editors, economists, geriatric or crooked or aspirant politicians, and state media have variously predicted, lied or hallucinated about facts and Zimbabwe

’s past and future.

Various known mental cases within the above circles seem to have spent repeated and extended time on bar stools or at similar liquor and mbanje consumption parties, during or after which they seem to compile their frequently belated “informed” but often pathetic or speculative ill-founded and mis-leading reports.

On a daily basis there are typically more than 100 reports to be seen in the international media about Zimbabwe.

The content of these reports, are sourced or cloned from alleged local experts, oftentimes have a distinctive and a typical 40% repeated substance that includes ill-founded, outdated or plagiarised material.

To worsen the matter is the fact that many local “cowardly disposed” Zimbabwean reporters and editors lie or cover up factual stories that they have been given, or even those that they themselves have discovered.

The only derivative conclusion must be that they are any of Zanu PF boot-lickers, cowards, professionally and morally deficient, or planted state disinformation agents.

Another major deficiency seen is that initial reports are seldom followed up to a final conclusive account.

Zanu PF’s propaganda brokers must be getting some satisfaction from how certain non-state media reporters and their agents are being shown up to be devoid of their properly expected integrity.

Their credibility is approaching that of the ridiculed state media agents who seem to be devoid of any form of endowment to understand civilised values and associated intelligence.

Professional journalism has unfortunately been brought into disrepute by some of those that purport to present realistic facts or opinion about Zimbabwean matters.

Since Zimbabwe is on the threshold of implosion, it would be helpful if the said media agents acted without fear and with expected professional standards of journalism to reveal reality and to contribute to saving the nation and its repressed persons.

Kevin Blunt,

Bloemfontein, SA.

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