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True patriots not hypocritical

THE move by Australia to deport children of Zimbabwean politicians is to be praised.

It is hypocritical that they should be allowed to share the democracies of other nations while back home their fathers preside over a system th

at denies many other parents and children the same liberties.

Is that why we have allowed our institutions of higher learning to be eroded to such desperate levels, because we can send our children overseas?

Maybe now the lawmakers and policy implementers can appreciate the desperate state of affairs at state institutions, persistent strikes by lecturers, lack of accommodation and food, inadequate teaching materials and, worse still, unemployment after completion.

Let us rebuild the pride in our institutions and country. True “patriots” can not be hypocritical to the extent of entrusting the future of their children to “hostile foreign” nations.

The sanctions should be extended to the US and UK. Let them come back and we can start the process of rebuilding our country “together”.



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