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Please help, we are suffering

WE are appealing to you the authorities that in our opinion as commuters it is better to have passenger transport than not to have. It has been difficult for us to commute to and from our workplaces especially during these days of the blitz on kombi operators.

Most of the time we hear the kombi industry workers confessing that they are not accessing the cheap fuel and if that is the case, we think it is not fair to expect them to charge the gazzetted fares since the transport business operation should be self-sustaining.

When we do not have adequate passenger transport we the commuters suffer and risk losing our jobs and income. Please enable us to go to and from our workplaces because there are not many alternatives for some of us in this economy.

Some of the commuters are students and should arrive at schools on time to avoid missing classes.

Sometimes they are delayed to the extent of missing classes such that they end up with no value for their fees. Again on the way home some of the students are failing to get home on time such that it is difficult to get assignments done.

Previously it was just the power cuts that affected the ability of the students to do assignments but now the problem is being compounded by transport problems that make them spend hours in queues. By the time students get home they are tired from the waiting.

The other problem is that when the kombis are few on the road, the law of supply and demand operates such that you find some private motorists taking advantage of our plight by charging fares that are above what the kombis are currently charging us.

So please we ask the responsible minister to try and keep as many kombis as possible on the road so that the law of supply and demand will keep the fares within sustainable levels. We think it is better to have the kombis charging the current fares than not to have them at all.

Desperate commuter,

By email.

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