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Old man loses it yet again

THE old man has lost it again! Age is catching up with him real fast. His recent mouthing in New York left everything to be desired. Many were quick to be hoodwinked by his oratory skills but sadly missing the point altogether. President Robert Mugabe turned t

he summit into an invective show. Any right thinking person was left wondering whether it was not a case of the kettle calling the pot black.

The following are some of the accusations he made:

* He accused Bush of killing in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“He imprisons and tortures at Guantanamo, he imprisoned and tortured at Abu Ghraib. He has secret torture chambers in Europe,” Mugabe said in reference to Bush

He was right on that score but he lost the plot. Has anyone bothered to ask who does Bush torture and imprison? He does it to foreigners not his own compatriots. Was it Bush who imprisoned Lookout Masuku, Dumiso Dabengwa and Morgan Tsvangirai? Who tortured Luke Tamborinyoka, Gift Phiri etc?

* Mugabe went on to accuse Bush of stealing elections. “He stole elections,” he said. It’s an open secret who won the 2002 election in Zimbabwe. Is it Bush whose victory in a 2002 election is being challenged?

* Mugabe bragged that he had been on the political scene well before Bush and Blair were known. Not ashamed whatever for having clung on to power despite his age.

* “They seek regime change; they not my people, seek regime change,” he went on to say. Did Bush and Blair influence the people of Harare, Bulawayo, Mutare and all other cities to vote for the opposition? Do these people not want regime change? People go into an election and there is only a difference of 400 000 votes, at least according to your results. Can one beat his chest that he is still wanted?

* “I spent 11 precious years of my life in the jail of a white man, I lost a further 15 years fighting injustice in my country,” Mugabe added. True he was imprisoned for 11 years, but remember who could not fire a pistol?

* Mugabe claimed to protect his people. What people? Who is on record saying “Bash them” “Chakadashurwa“? Was Chamisa protected, was Patrick Kombai protected and what about Talent Mabika and Tichaona Chiminya? Does Aippa, Posa and the Interception of Communications Act protect the people?

* “But I have but one God, he is in heaven,” said Mugabe. Is it the same God we know? It’s subjective how many gods are in the world. We all know what god allows bashing of people.

* “At home, he apparently does not need the congress,” Mugabe accused Bush. Did Mugabe need the parliament to go to DRC?

* “The colonial sun set a long time ago… and Zimbabwe will never be a colony again,” he said. True the colonial sun set but the colonial laws are still obtaining — Posa is Loma in a new form. Zimbabwe will never be a colony of Zanu PF.

How irrelevant can any old man get!



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