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It is no longer a ‘white’ problem

I HAVE followed Zimbabwe’s political history since you were Rhodesia when your government was headed by (white) PM, Ian Smith.

I would not presume to judge the relative merits and faults of President Robert Mugabe’s

government and that of Smith.

As a matter of curiosity, would you dare to undertake an objective comparison between Rhodesia, then, and Zimbabwe, now? What were the personal risks a journalist and editors were exposed to then, by printing the truth compared to the risks run by journalists today?

How, in God’s name, can Mugabe justify the absence of infant formulae on the market shelves?

Is it “racist” for a white journalist to call government questioning the chaotic conditions prevailing in Zimbabwe today? Were black children starving in white ruled Rhodesia?

How can President Mugabe justify his refusal to release thousands of metric tonnes of maize-meal, milled in the United States from the surpluses of harvests, and donated to Zimbabwe, through the good offices of the United Nations? That is the staple food of the people of Zimbabwe.

Now, Mr Mugabe sir, it is no longer an excuse that whites are the causative factor of your problems.

Richard Buchanan,


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