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Free equipment and machinery not the answer

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe and his RBZ governor, Gideon Gono, are deluding themselves if they think that doling out farming equipment and implements is the panacea to hunger and malnutrition mitigation in Zimbabwe.

For this reason,

I have compiled some pertinent questions, which I am sure Mugabe’s bunch of bootlickers will be happy to respond to.

* Didymus Mutasa (State Security minister): How do you ascertain between a genuine farmer and a land-grab “beneficiary” farmer?

* Mike Nyambuya (Energy minister): What provisions, if any, are there to enable genuine farmers to access fuel in order to run the donated equipment?

* Rugare Gumbo (Agriculture minister): Why have the farmers not received any seed and/or fertiliser, considering that the agricultural season is upon us?

* Joseph Made (Agricultural Mechanisation minister): Where will the farmers secure draught-power to till the land?

* Grain Marketing Board: What incentives, in terms of producer prices, have you put in place to entice farmers to heed your call to produce more?

* Mutasa: What measures have you taken to ensure that the few white farmers remaining, get on with what they know best, uninterrupted?

* will not hold my breath for answers
from this lot, come harvest time. The reality of yet another failed season will be

Joseph Mhlanga

Dublin, Ireland.

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